(Blues for the unhappy girl)

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What was the story

I dedicate this song to you, Eliška. I found you lying lifeless on the platform of the Střížkov metro during Christmas time 2022.

Metro Střížkov

Even though I managed to bring you back to consciousness, and even though we spoke briefly and I handed you over to the care of the paramedics, I'm pretty sure you don't remember me.

If you happen to be reading this, I want to tell you once again that your life is worth living. And that no man deserves to have you suffer for him.

Please remember:

No dude is worth killing yourself over!

You're a young girl with your life ahead of you and you're definitely feeling good today! This song will just be a pleasant memory.

About the author

Lubo is a versatile artist living in Prague who works in various genres. He is a singer, musician, graphic designer, illustrator, animator, children's club teacher and occasional actor.

Music has had a special place in his life since early childhood and this passion continues to drive him. The lyrics of the song Blues pro nešťastnou holku were sent to him from above by the greatest Czech poet Václav Hrabě.

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